Best Green-Lipped Mussel For Arthritis Supplement(s)

Listen to what one doctor, who co-created a green-lipped mussel extract for arthritis healing support, has to say about pain and what can be done using the best green-lipped mussel food as the main ingredient in his outstanding arthritis supplement (not spelled "green-lipped muscle" as some mistakenly write it).

This doctor says: "Pain is the most disruptive medical symptom doctors see - in fact, it is now the number one complaint that drives people to the doctor, the hospital, and the emergency rooms. It is one of the main sources of medical expenditure, both in medical treatment and pharmaceutical treatment, and it is one of the few conditions that has never been satisfactorily treated.

Years ago, we didn't really have anything to offer our patients except medications with significant side effects. None of these options were curative - they only masked the pain or left you so drugged you didn't care about the pain.

The problem was, we really didn't understand pain. We then discovered the mechanisms that cause pain. First, we discovered the COX enzyme system, which produced chemicals that caused inflammation, and inflammation was the source of pain. This discovery allowed us to create drugs that blocked the COX enzyme system, preventing inflammation, and, in turn, preventing pain. Drugs like ibuprofen and naproxin were some of these drugs. PROBLEM SOLVED...or so we thought....

Soon it was discovered that up to 50% of people did not respond to these medications, and 80% had long-term stomach erosion leading to 20,000 deaths a year. OBVIOUSLY, this was not the answer....

When they went in to study what was happening, they discovered that there are two COX systems - COX 1 and COX 2. COX 1 actually produces enzymes that protect our stomachs. So, these medications did block some pain, but led to stomach damage and the other serious side effects.

Enter COX 2 Inhibitors.... Then came new drugs, like Celebrex and Vioxx. These drugs blocked the COX 2 enzymes, protected the COX 1 enzymes, and were thought to be the final answer in pain relief - problem solved ?

But Then... Unbelievable amounts of these drugs were sold, and continue to be sold. But what we found out was that only about 50% of people experienced pain relief, and the drugs didn't significantly reduce side effects like stomach, kidney, and liver damage.

Why? We now know that there are two additional enzyme systems that cause inflammation, 5 LOX and 12 LOX - there are three pathways, and only one of them COX 2, is being blocked.

What is the answer? Pain medications were on the right track, but, unfortunately, unless you address all the enzyme systems that cause the inflammation that leads to pain, you have not solved the problem."

Best Natural Joint Pain Relief Support For Arthritis

QUICK SUPPORT FORMULA disarms all the enzyme systems that cause inflammation, supporting pain relief at the source in 5 minutes and for hours! What makes the Quick Support Formula unique? The Quick support Formula uses a specific and rare green-lipped mussel extract of New Zealand. The mussels are raised, harvested, and produced under an exclusive process and have been shown to be six times more potent than the next strongest brand. The nutrient rich capsules contain other powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients that are carefully balanced to provide hours of support without the unwanted side effects of the over-the-counter or the prescription medications. Green-lipped mussel supplement is tops !!!

Green-Lipped Mussel Support Ingredients

QUICK SUPPORT FORMULA contains a cold processed proprietary blend of New Zealand green-lipped mussel extract which has been shown to be six times more potent than the next strongest brand. It also contains ginger powder, green tea extract, skullcap extract, turmeric extract, feverfew extract, rosemary extract etc. for managing chronic pain and arthritis pain relief without using drugs, but instead using the best green lipped-mussel supplement ingredient from New Zealand !!! The product name we have used here within this page text is an alias product name and this was done to comply with the laws of the company and various governments.

Late Breaking News: I just saw on T.V. news that more pain relief drugs were pulled off the market because of the serious side effects that the drugs were causing. This will continue until people stop allowing the drug companies to play God with their pain problem, and the people need to start looking to God and the natural things he has created to support relief for their arthritis pain. Both emu oil products and also green-lipped mussel supplement products contain God created ingredients that help support your body in the process of healing resulting in pain relief. Trust the things that God has created. He is the best doctor for you. The synthetic things that man creates for his own profit can not compete with the natural arthritis remedies created by the Healer of the Universe for you.

Disclaimer: The statements on this green-lipped mussel for arthritis web page have not been evaluated by the Canadian, Singaporian, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Philippine, Belizean, British governments or the FDA in the U.S.A. and other governments of English speaking people. No green lipped mussel supplement support mentioned on this site is intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure your health condition, which should be monitored by a competent health professional. The editor of this green-lipped mussel support web page has taken pains to comply with company laws and the laws of governments in various countries. Therefore, the information on this web site should not be construed to be an incentive to purchase any green-lipped mussel supplements. No arthritis pain relief products are sold from within the text of this site. In one of the English speaking countries it is illegal to sell any natural or alternative health product from textual links on a web site when discussing a health condition that can be treated using drugs or surgery. But it is legal in all the countries to have a natural health food store and to have a book rack in one place and a product section in another place. The article text on this web site is the book rack and the areas of the site below the article text is the product section. It is against the law in some countries to make personal recommendations to you. Therefore, we will not do that. Statements about a treatment or a product's effectiveness are not our own but have been distilled from professionals who are experienced with the therapies or products or have studied and written about the emu oil products and green-lipped mussel supplements mentioned on this web page.





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